Social Emotional Learning & Why is it important?


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The concept of social-emotional learning is increasingly under the microscope, as teachers and schools grapple with their responsibility to teach students how to pass exams and coursework assignments and become rounded human beings with the skills and attributes to succeed in life.

Please continue the course to learn more about social-emotional learning, why it is essential, how it can be taught, and tools teachers can use to make their lessons more engaging.

Course Objectives :
  • SEL  strengthens students’ relationships with their peers, families, and teachers, who are mediators, collaborators, and encouragers of academic achievement.
  • The social and emotional learning programs also reduced aggression and emotional distress among students, increased helping behaviours in school, and improved positive attitudes toward self and others.
  • Effective SEL programs addressed the five key competencies, explicitly and sequentially, and used active-learning techniques to engage youth in developing an understanding of them.


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