Neuroscience for Educators & Teachers

Why Neuroscience in Education?

This is a singularity moment in learning!
Schools will never be the same again. This is the perfect time to transition to a modern methodology and practice that will deliver tomorrow’s Indian mind today!
In the wake of a rapidly changing world, the future is upon us. Old post-industrial models cannot propel us further; they have outlived their purpose and time. Today’s child is processing in a 21st-century brain. Our schools need to catch up. As human beings, we must adopt new methods. And the newest pandemic has accelerated the adoption of alternative strategies.

The Institute of Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation is using groundbreaking techniques to reform and innovate Educational trajectories across India.

How can knowledge of Neuroscience help in Education?

The natural effect of an innovative educational model through teacher professional development is an immediate and lasting competitive advantage. A workforce that has overcome Executive Function Impairment (EFI) and Amygdala Hijack can self-regulate, make meaningful contributions to society and are fully equipped for 21st-century challenges.

Bringing Neuroscience to your classrooms.

Economic and social advantages have already been documented with such global corporations as IBM, Nestle, and other bluechip corporations. Imagine the profound impact such a change can introduce on Global economies from a commercial scale due to increased productivity.
Founded on more than 12 years of scientific research by Educationists in learning science, have won many prestigious academic and social awards in this field. Teachers worldwide are enthusiastic about this novel approach to learning and education that is transforming classrooms. The methods are proven effective for shaping and producing well-rounded developed individuals, physically, intellectually, social, emotional, and with healthy morals. At IBBRF, we translate decades of research findings by neuroscientists into an easy model that is both practical and easy to understand.

How can we help?

We propose Neural Education to Educators and teachers in the new learning sciences based on the brain.
We have developed modules based on years of research and this needs to be implemented for a paradigm shift in the Teaching and Learning Process. I’m sure this would be exciting to you as well, – decide how you wish to impact the new India. We are excited to be part of a new wave of exploration – this time into the brain.
The future of India is bright. Rapid advancement in technology excites momentum. A paradigm shift is paramount for every human being to catch up and exceed expectations by tapping into his intrinsic and innate capability with exponential potential down to the individual level.

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