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Neuroscience for Human Cognition

Brainraft courses area based on decades of research findings by neuroscientists into an easy model that is both practical and easy to understand.

Our Company

We translate neuroscience research into practical teaching and learning tools that can be applied to real classrooms with real results!

Understanding how the brain works, what stimulates it and how to harness the connections in a positive way enables teachers, parents, and students to flourish.

We aspire to introduce Neural Education to educators and teachers to the new learning sciences based on Neuroscience. We have developed modules based on years of research and this needs to be implemented for a paradigm shift in Teaching and Learning process. we are sure this would be exciting to you as well, – looking forward how you wish to impact the new India. We are excited to be part of a new wave of exploration – this time into the brain. The future of children is bright. Rapid advancement in technology excites momentum. A paradigm shift is paramount for every human being to catch up and exceed expectation by tapping into his intrinsic and innate capability with exponential potential down to the individual level.


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