Hi, I'm Ms Lilly David!

I've been teaching K-10 for over 15 years , and I'm thrilled to introduce you all to the new world of brain based teaching.
We will transform you into a powerful and inspiring K-10 teacher when you enroll in our courses.
Joyful Teaching

apply inspiring ideas and teaching approaches

Joyful Learning

Positive effect on the students

Joyful Learning Environment

Gain students'attention while creating fun times and lasting memories of what they've learned

Who is the course for? how will it benefit ?

This course is for K-10 teachers, educators, pre-service teachers and those interested in the emerging techniques of brain based teaching.

By doing this course, you also improve the chances of your job as a K-10 Teacher.

As a brain-based teacher, you now have an understanding of 

  • Why do some students learn quickly and some take time?
  • How learning & memory happens?
  • Why do some students fear certain subjects?
  • How can we be the best teacher in 21st C classroom?

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Educational Neuroscience – Research – Led Teaching Through Neural Lens 

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

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