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We live in an exciting time of technology and neuroscience advancement. Education is being enhanced and changed by evidence-based findings from the new field of Educational Neuroscience (Brain Science) and, as educators, we need to capitalize on these new opportunities.

In this course designed by Brainraft Research team, learners will gain contemporary insights into the brain that will inform their professional practice and underpin the development of optimal learning experiences. Underpinned by Top Neuroscientists research concerning the evolution of the social brain and many things educators need to know about the brain, this bundle course explores compromised and optimal learning environments for 21st century students.

What topics will you cover?

  • The brain’s evolution as a social organ
  • Social-emotional learning in the classroom
  • Why are some Children less resilient than others
  • Neuroplasticity and it’s implications for learning and memory
  • Role of Sleep, Exercise and diet in developing healthy Brain
  • Long Term Potentiation as a neural process for maximising learning

Who is the course for?

This course is for teachers, educators, pre-service teachers and those with an interest in the new emerging field of educational neuroscience.

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Educational Neuroscience – Research – Led Teaching Through Neural Lens 

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Explore important understandings and concepts about the brain
  • Demonstrate knowledge of introductory educational neuroscience findings
  • Reflect on the significance of compromised learning environments on the social brain and the implication for learning and memory
  • You will be a “Neural Educator” 

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The NHC or Neuroscience and Human Cognition is a fascinating, innovative and multi-disciplinary approach born out of 10 years of scientific research. It combines the fields of neurosciences, social psychology, behavioral sciences and many more to come up with one overlaying, comprehensive theory which gives unique insights in our complex human nature.

The courses provides an overview of the neuroscience of learning through Mind, Brain, & of course Health, or the intersection of psychology, cognitive neuroscience and health.

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